This Old House, Glaser Edition

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Taming of the Hedges

The Taming of the HedgesThe previous owner did not move out until the following Tuesday, so Steve spent the weekend in coveralls working out in the yard. He razed the out-of-control azalea bushes, which reminded us of Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors, while Tammy's dad squared some hedges. David, our 14-year-old son, helped clear the brush and branches and made the enormous pile in front of the house. After the lightning storm--the one that knocked our Internet out for almost two days--passed through town, Steve power-washed the bricks, which had turned green in some spots and black in others, as well as the sidewalk. He also cleared off this ugly cream-colored plastic covering off the side porch. The house has a much neater appearance on the outside.


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