This Old House, Glaser Edition

Thursday, May 01, 2008

See Steve Run!

We could start off with,
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times
but that would be trite!

15,000 started . . .

8,000 finished . . .

TWO died . . .





. . .

Steve ran the Madrid Marathon last Sunday and surprised us all by surviving the high heat and humidity and the last eight miles of the course--uphill and miserable! His name did not appear in the top ten finishers, but he finished with twenty-one minutes to spare (they close the course after six hours). Steve, a veteran of the St. Cloud River Runners, met up with his MinneSOtan buddy Jay in Madrid. Jay, who found the weather uncomfortably hot, chose Madrid over a snowy day at the Brainerd Marathon! For a taste of what it is like to spectate the race, click here. For an insider's view, click here (warning: take Dramamine before watching this clip). What was his secret to such a stellar performance (remember, he did finish)?

Enjoy this marathon photobucket courtesy of ASI Photo Europe.

And, what did he win for sweating it out for 339 minutes and 4 seconds?

Protective Gear for Midnight Runs

Official Time Chip
(Sadly, Not A Potato Chip)

Medal and Bib

Tammy's Mother's Day Present

In case you are suddenly inspired to start running, check out this program for beginners and inspirations when ready to stop! Even penguins and mortals can learn to run. Runner's World arrives every month to motivate Steve with his running.