This Old House, Glaser Edition

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

TTFN Trees!

Now the House is Out Reach of the Big Scary LimbsOn Monday and Tuesday, we had a tree service knock down three trees that were too close for comfort. Tammy rewarded her dad for trimming the hedges with some wood from the pecan tree, with which he smokes meat. They also trimmed up some limbs hanging over the back of the house and ground up some old tree stumps. Our first glitch was that the small town bank tellers planned to hold the check for five days because the federal credit union we use is "out of town" (not "out of state"). They also had trouble figuring out that the military style of writing dates, 17/7/2006 meant the same thing as July 17, 2006. I can see it if our calendar had 17 months. We left the tall trees in the back year, but the one to the left (west) side of the house is gone!


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