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Thursday, July 20, 2006

The First Glitch

Master Bedroom with Painted Hardwood Floors Yesterday, the contractors (one of whom is Tammy's stepbrother) started renovating the house. Two are working upstairs on the master bedroom/bathroom, David's bedroom /teeny tiny bathroom, a hall closet, and the homeschool room. The plan is to work from one bathroom out to the hall and from the other out.
Master BathroomDavid's Teeny Tiny BathroomDavid's Future Bedroom
Future Reading Spot in the Homeschool Room

We have a painter working on the only room in the house that still has plaster, Steve's office. We might have to go with sheet rock because as an old house settles, plaster just cracks up. Some walls have very slight tiny cracks, but others are a mess.
Cracked Up Wall in Steve's Future Office
Now what is the first glitch, you ask? We were told the electrician who installed new and grounded wiring, disabled power to the old two-pronged outlets. Well, it didn't happen. We were hoping we wouldn't need to hire an electrician, but what are we doing the second day in the project? Looking around for one!

We do have another glitch, but now I know why. We want to restore the hard wooden floors and use are rugs and runners in strategic spots to prevent wear. Some of the floors upstairs are painted. Much of the master bedroom floor is painted white, but unfinished. Apparently, the paint gums up the machine used to smooth out the floor, so the paint must be stripped first.

You may be wondering what Steve and Tammy did all day. Well, Steve travels a bit with his job, which is why we started this blog--to keep Steve in the loop. Tammy is not very talented when it comes to crafts, hands-on work, etc. She is not a superwoman who can be all and do all, but she does know her limitations. Other than removing "treasure" from the house, she wisely stayed out of the way. Tammy ran around town donating unwanted treasure to the library, the church's mission food supply, and the church's costume department.


  • Oh my goodness...what a project! I am so jealous---what a beautiful treasure of a house!

    By Blogger Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum, at 8:31 PM  

  • It's smart not to scimp on the electrical. That and plumbing are two things that must be done right. It's well worth it in the end!

    And I bet you have more talents than you give yourself credit for. It's mostly just elbow grease and determination anyways! :-)

    By Blogger Maureen Reed, at 11:22 PM  

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