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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Lessons Learned at Universal Studios Part II

Please join us for the conclusion of our lessons learned at t Universal Studios. (Click here for Lessons 1-9). Here are our final lessons learned from our visit to Universal Studios Florida:

Lesson 10 In every photograph, there is always at least one person not willing to pose for the camera, even if you prompt them with "Say cheese." If you wait too long to snap the shot, hoping for that perfect moment, waves of people will flow between the camera and its subject. Just get on with it and take the picture!

Lesson 11 Some unwilling posers prefer the limelight and want to hog all the glory to themselves. Corollary: The unwilling poser might not have been sure about sticking her head in a shark's mouth until she saw her cousins do it and walk away unharmed. Smart cookie!

P.S. It is hard to discern which theory is more true. Said poser was unwilling to leave until Tammy snapped the shot.

Lesson 12 Lovers of all things disco be forewarned about staying at the Hard Rock Hotel, which displays detestable art with slogans like "Disco sucks." In the immortal words of one of the Disco Boys from Mystery Men, "Disco is not dead! Disco is LIFE!" If sensitive to anti-disco imagery, choose another hotel. Signs of sensitivity include dumping disco songs into your video games, memorizing the track numbers of your favorite disco songs on each CD, and wanting obscure titles like Let Me Take You Dancing by Bryan Adams for your birthday.

Lesson 13 Properly framing a shot in a crowd is next to impossible, even with a digital camera at a Blues Brothers Live Show where crowds are known to dance and jostle your camera arm!

Lesson 14 Never enter into a staring contest with this person. You will lose, and he will win! How does he do it? He does not try to make silly faces because he will laugh himself. He simply stares and thinks of something sad until the other person cracks.

Lesson 15 Even cutesy creatures totally unrelated to any known cartoon characters remotely resembling Ariel's friends under the sea can capture the imagination of those who are young at heart. Do not attempt to photograph older male teenagers with a sea horse and starfish worthy of H. R. Puffinstuff. They will not like it!

Lesson 16 Do not spill your soda while this one is reading the television guide in the newspaper. She will move out of the way and continue gazing at the beauty and order of a lovely schedule. She will not lift a finger to help.

P.S. Pamela LOVED the rides, especially Jaws, Doctor Doom's Fear Fall, and everything in Seuss Landing. David's favorite rides were Spider-Man and Back to the Future, and he lived vicariously as a storm-chaser wanna-be in the Twister ride. Steve's favorite ride was The Mummy, while Tammy enjoyed tamer things like the Blues Brothers and Men-in-Black.


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