This Old House, Glaser Edition

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Hello, Red Brick Road!

To recap our adventures with brick, back in August 2006, our first mason repaired the foundation to our house and installed brand-spanking-new vents to the crawl space under the house. He also stuccoed the back chimney, but balked at the two front chimneys, which were in sad shape.

In the fall, Tammy's father located a second mason who lives a few blocks away. He had just finished working on the roof of a bank in town and was willing to try his hand at the two front chimneys. A few weeks ago, he tore down and rebuilt one chimney. He did the same for the second one the weekend before Thanksgiving.

Last October, the second mason also paved over the front walkway in red brick. We did not purchase enough brick for the project, so he added the final touches to the walkway after he finished the second chimney. Our red brick road looks spectacular as shown in the before and after shots. If you click the shot on the right, you can see the "royal" touch we have added to our front porch for the convenience of our guests!


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