This Old House, Glaser Edition

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Hope Smiles on the Threshold

The quote, “Hope smiles on the threshold of the year to come, whispering that it will be happier,” attributed to Alfred Lord Tennyson, seems fitting now that we have finished all but one threshold upstairs. We plan to move into our house on the threshold of 2007. As we see each room emerge from its cocoon, we see hope smiling upon us. A room will never be complete as an old house is always a work in progress. We hear the whisper of happiness as we pack each box and prepare to move for the eleventh time since we have been married!

Tammy’s father scoured through his stacks of wood to find the most interesting and unique thresholds for our house. He looked for striking patterns in the wood grain and stable knotholes. Working with knotholes is tricky for some pop out. The threshold pictured below is an example of how it can add character to a room.

The threshold to the master bathroom has a beautiful rippled pattern in the wood grain. Tammy’s father made a double layer for the bathroom floor ended up higher than the bedroom floor due to the tile. As you can see, we are already buying antiques to decorate the house.

The threshold to David’s bathroom was the trickiest one! This shot below provides a sneak peek of this tiny, cramped bathroom. To the right is the corner shower, which gives it much more space than before. We will show off the bathroom in a later post once the electrician installs the final light fixture. Tammy’s father cut the blue diamonds from the mosaic tile in half and carefully lined them up in the grout to add a professional touch. The thin sliver of wood lining the grout makes it look clean. The threshold itself has charming swirls and matches the wood in David’s bedroom perfectly!


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