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Friday, October 06, 2006

Cedar Solution

Cedar Lined Closet in the Master BedroomYou may be congratulating us for being far-sighted enough to install cedar liners in our master bedroom closet. After all, anybody who knows anything about home improvement must know all about cedar's natural protection from moths, roaches, silverfish and mildew with a much more pleasant aroma than mothballs. Cedar is also historically accurate as evidenced in an ad for Brown's Supercedar Closet Lining in Good Housekeeping in 1927! If you give us that much credit, you are sadly deceived, and we hope to correct your grave error in judgment.

Sometimes there is no nice way to put something distasteful, and we will try our best. We had a little problem with the master bedroom closet, where we will hang our clothes. Tammy's brother noticed that, if you took a deep whiff, you found an "aroma" that reminds one of something nasty on your shoe after having taken your dog on a walk. His solution was to line it with a cedar closet liner. Given the choice between clothes that smell like cedar and dog excrement, we agreed with his proposal.

Except for touch-ups and the floor, the master bedroom is done. Tammy decided to play it safe with the colors of the master bedroom and saw a photograph of a bedroom in one of Lowe's color guides with an analogous scheme in the Yellow/Gold/Umber range. The walls are Belle Grove Buff; the trim and popcorn ceiling, Quail Egg; and the firplace, Paramount White. You can see the exact scheme by going to the American Tradition page and click "Photograph Galley." You can view our inspiration in the pop-up window by the selecting "interior photos", "bedrooms", and "Yellow, Gold, Umber" and then click "go". Below are some before and after shots of the master bedroom. We plan to put up the plantation shutters once Tammy's dad glazes the windows.

Before Northwest Corner of Master BedroomAfter Northwest Corner of Master Bedroom

Before Master Bedroom FireplaceAfter Master Bedroom Fireplace

Speaking of glazing, the honorary member of the Glaser family, Tammy's dad, has taken on one more project: several of the fireplaces have decorative mirrors that are showing their age. Her dad found somebody local who can restore the mirrors! Her dad will be applying his newly developed glazing skills to remove and reinstall all the mirrors. Below is a before shot, but, as you can see, the after shot remains to be seen!

Before Fireplace MirrorMissing Mirror


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