This Old House, Glaser Edition

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Panic Attack!

Very Yellow Window and Antique LampClose-Up of Window

Tammy nearly flipped out Friday morning when she saw the hallway windows upstairs. The window trim looked like lemon custard spread all over the wood! Picking colors had chafed her nerves as badly as the 1930's cloth wiring still in the house. She was startled to see the "garland green" curdling around the windows! Fortunately, this was not one of her brother's practical jokes like the day he had secretly bought some slime, a novelty new to our acquaintance in our teen years, and sneezed in his hand during dinner. Our horrified faces showed him he got the intended effect! Tammy should have given him more credit for the primer he applied to prep the windows was not white, but bright yellow. Whew!

The rooms upstairs are taking shape, but it is a tedious process. Tammy's brother could have slapped on paint, over layers and layers of paint, and would have been finished in a few weeks. He and his co-worker are craftsmen and are doing their best to make it look as close to a showpiece as an old house on a limited budget can.

Steve and Tammy are starting to get positive comments on the outer appearance. One neighbor quipped, "The view from here is getting better and better." Another added, "It hasn't looked that neat in years." We are new to town and do not know many people outside of our small circle in friends. The other day, Steve was picking up coffee at Hardee's and a total stranger told him, "The house is looking good!"


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