This Old House, Glaser Edition

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Sanford and Son

Door No MoreCaulked Ceiling

Tammy's brother and co-worker covered one of the hall closet doors and prepped more walls for painting. They spent the afternoon at Lowe's restocking supplies, purchasing wall paint, and ordering the bathroom tile.
Between the Cookhouse and GaragePear Tree and the Dog YardWhy We Need a Privacy FenceOur Yard, Looking to the WestWeeds running wild in our overgrown back yard were blocking the view of the outhouse. Weeds choked the fenced-in dog pen. A landscaping crew cleared out the entire back yard. They demolished the outhouse and yanked three clotheslines poles, probably meant to withstand a nuclear blast. The poles were ten feet tall, five of which were underground, secured by two blocks of concrete. They removed an old awning lying next to the cookhouse, junk, and wild bamboo. They trimmed the pear tree, bearing fruit for Tammy's mother to can.

There is a catch! We can see not only our yard, but also the one behind us, unoccupied due to the death of the owner. We took a peek in the shed back there; it is full of old junk: refrigerators, diverse parts, rocking chairs, and anything that could possibly rust. The first item on our landscaping list is a privacy fence lining the back yard! If you know of any pretty bush or vine that can grow fast enough in Zone 8 to cover all that, drop us a comment!


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