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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Slower than Watching Paint Dry

Today Tammy discovered something slower than watching paint dry, and that is standing in the paint line at Lowe's watching paint mix! We love the fact that Lowe's offers so much choice, but she almost got a migraine trying figure out what kind of paint goes with what material. The caulking section had so many kinds Tammy had to call the painter to find out which kind he wanted. Our 17-year-old daughter with autism came on the expedition and, for the first time ever, Tammy secretly hoped she'd get impatient and throw a fit to have an excuse to jump ahead in line. But, she showed more patience than her mother!

The future office, the room full of cracked plaster, got prepped today, but we are toying with going full bore with sheet rock, like all the other rooms. The master bathroom is ripped apart except for the shower stall, which we are keeping. Steve was able to get a good deal on high-quality new toilets and Victorian-style pedestal sinks plus fixtures. The upstairs hallway has an inoperable old vent that used to suck up air into the attic back in the days before air conditioning. We had it covered with a light board, so the celling will have a finished look. They also removed one door for a closet that two doors. It already has a window--why would it need two doors?
Master Bathroom before Getting Prepped
A Closet with a Window and One Door Too Many

We discovered an old yardstick that has a four-digit telephone number. Seven-digit numbers started being used nationally in the late 1940s. Who ever heard of an antique yardstick? We are also in the dejunking mode, but took home some perfectly good wine glasses, let Tammy's mom have first dibs on what she wanted, and hauled seven green trashbags of clothing and shoes to the drop-off box. Anyone want some thick plastic hangars? (They make a mean bow when paired with a wooden spoon as the arrow. David, the prop master, made that discovery when he went through his Robin Hood phase a few years back.)
Antique Yardstick


  • Antique yardsticks are collectibles. I have my husband's great-grandmother's tailor's rule (48 inches long) that has a 1905 date on it. I have a couple other yardsticks that aren't so old. If you don't want that old yardstick you found, don't throw it out. Give it to me! Teehee!

    By Blogger Maureen Reed, at 11:28 PM  

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