This Old House, Glaser Edition

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Only One Week

We have owned the house for only one week and can see quite a bit of progress. Tammy has sorted through the stuff left on the porch and in the house. She threw out quite a bit of junk and has invited the pastor to go through the serviceable items (housewares, toys, and decorations) for donation to ministries. She had no idea of what do with two ugly 18-inch tall statues--the only thing she could think was white elephant party. One of the contractors got excited about these statues and begged to take them both off her hands, even the one with a broken arm. Tammy secretly wondered about his taste until he explained that his pure-bred Pitt bulls love to gnaw on those things.

Tammy also discovered the early stage of a wasp nest perched on a sewing hoops in one of the boxes of junk on the front porch. Fortunately the contractors helped her out with that! Those persistent insects kept coming back all afternoon in search of a new spot.

Tammy's brother and co-worker have prepped the ceiling in five places upstairs. The only thing left in the master bathroom is the shower stall and shelving. The fixtures, toilet, sink vanity, etc. are gone. On Saturday, her brother will paint the ceilings, so she spent a good chunk of Friday morning seeing colors! Tammy is more of a mathematical logical thinker than an artsy type (she joined the Navy just so she wouldn't have to think about what to wear every day). So picking colors is a major stretch for her! Fortunately, Lowe's American Tradition in-store folders and color design center have color wheels that explains how to match colors properly and a virtual painter tool for trying different combinations in sample rooms. Thanks to that, she is not curled up in a corner, sucking her thumb, staring vacuously into space.

We like warm colors: light, semi-muted shades of green, yellow, and orange. The master bedroom will be monochromatic with soft shades of yellow. The master bathroom will have peach, but will have accents in yellows and greens. David loves green, so his room will have variations of green--does it have something to do with the color of his eyes? We are going to mimic Tammy's mother's kitchen in the homeschool room--peach ceiling, mint frost trim, and very light, light green walls. We haven't quite nailed down the hallway and David's bathroom yet. But, by next week, she will have to be bold and pick something.


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