This Old House, Glaser Edition

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Week Two, Already!

We bought a riding lawnmower from the local Sears appliance store in town. We were too thrifty to pay the $50 delivery fee, so Steve drove the thing home on Saturday! He rode through the neighborhoods behind the store and zigzagged his way 0.58 miles to our house (according to Mapquest). This is not as odd as it sounds. One old man in the neighborhood could not afford a car, but he could afford a riding lawnmower. He used to drive it all over town until the police got on his case over that. FYI, Steve didn't receive any moving violations--he stayed under the radar.

Junk-Free NirvanaSteve worked outside again. He edged the lawn around the sideways and cleared all the junk off the porch (does temporarily moving it to the carport count?). I bet the neighbors will open a bottle of champagne when they see an empty porch. Some of it went to the dumpster, but some is in the garage. Tammy plans to either junk it or donate it to worthy causes next week. Right now, anyone who will take it qualifies as a worthy cause. David power washed the siding too.

Tammy's brother painted most of the ceilings upstairs. The ones in the master bedroom and hallway have texture, while we kept the original wooden planks for the ceilings in David's bedroom, the master bathroom, and homeschool room. They will caulk any gaps and paint again. We decided to rip out the plaster in the office because the house will settle some more and the walls will crack again.

Steve did not achieve as much as he had planned outdoors: between sore muscles and lightning storms, it just was not meant to be.


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