This Old House, Glaser Edition

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Seeing Ghosts!

Ghost DustNo, nothing paranormal has happened. Thursday morning, two people entered the house--one with olive, tanned skin (Tammy's brother) and the other black skinned (a friend hired for the day). By the time they left the house Thursday afternoon, they were whiter than ghosts! What caused this startling transformation? They spent the day plastering, sanding, and chipping paint off the trim of windows and doors. The rooms upstairs have a total of fifteen windows and six doors. Judging by the layer of dust on the floor, they probably wished they were ghosts because of sore muscles, stiff fingers, and aching backs and wrists.

Today, Tammy swept up the ghost dust and uprooted the damn-boo invading the ground near the root cellar. Bamboo is treacherous, and she completely agrees with the folks at TAMU that no one should ever plant it on this side of hell. As pandas are not indigenous to the southern United States, anyone considering planting this stuff without a two-foot-deep barrier trench ought to spend eternity digging up bamboo roots.

P.S. The bloggers do not intend to ensnare unsuspecting readers with such a titillating title. They gladly offer a bone for lovers of all things paranormal. The previous owner told Tammy the house has a poltergeist who enjoys ringing the doorbell. Tammy, the skeptic, thinks the poltergeist is nothing more than the cloth wiring installed in the 1930s to be removed by an electrician at a future date.


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