This Old House, Glaser Edition

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Call me "Bubba!"

My Three Bubba KegsWhile Steve was on his business trip, Tammy and David worked in the yard, emptying the root cellar. They have discovered all kinds of lovely things like an aluminum bucket of rusty nails with the bottom rusted out, requiring them to shovel nails out of the dirt, and its twin, full of wet decomposing leaves that smelled like dog doo. They retrieved rusty poles, two big round aluminum pipes, a rusty chain, rotten wood and sticks, live vines, loads of brick, big brick blocks, old toys, a pack of cards, an aluminum trash can and its lid, shovels full of leaves, and an empty Canadian whiskey bottle--we're surprised we didn't find more of those. Clearly, sometime in the past, they ceased storing fruits and vegetables in their root cellar in lieu of trash. Tammy and David were thankful they have not seen any rats, snakes, or spiders . . . yet.

Because of the extreme heat, they worked either early in the morning or late in the evening. What helped them immensely was something Tammy picked up at Wal-Mart called Bubba Kegs. She bought three, in different colors, in the 52-ounce size. Before they head out to the steam pit every day, she fills them up with ice and water. Water never tasted so good than after working an hour in an outdoor sauna. The Bubba Keg also comes in handy when Tammy was in the garage sorting more "treasure" to donate to ministries at church, the Council on Aging, and the dumpster.


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