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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Color at Last!

Hallway to Homeschool Room BeforeHallway to Homeschool Room After

Tammy's brother and co-worker have spent the past month getting the walls in shape for painting because the walls were in poor condition. David's room had staples in the wall, while the homeschool room had decorative wallpaper, some of which was ripped off and not worth keeping. Some spots had writing (pen and marker). The walls of the hallway and master bedroom and bathroom were pure sheetrock. They had been exposed to the air for quite some time (at least a year) and had dried. The sheetrock thirstily drank up the first coat of paint, so the walls required more paint than originally anticipated. Finally, the door and window trim held layers and layers and layers of paint, which they sanded back to bare wood.

Homeschool Room BeforeHomeschool Room After

Above are the before and after shots of the bay windows in the homeschool room. We put a shot of David's room in the post called Middle Earth Green. The homeschool room and hallway are in Lovely Buff on the walls, Garland Green for the window and door trim and the moulding, and Northern Glen for the cabinet. Our contractors came up with a wonderful idea that makes the wainscot down the stairs pop: they painted the trim the darker Northern Glen and the interior area Garland Green. Steve and Tammy feel relieved because the colors go well together. The lighting in the photos was insufficient because the elecrician removed all the lights to install the new wiring.


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