This Old House, Glaser Edition

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

More Grunt Work

The Carport: Before DejunkingThe Carport: After Dejunking
Over the weekend, Steve, Tammy, and David did more grunt work: they offloaded all the bricks for the front walkway to a pallet in the yard. Steve did the usual round of yard work (mowing and weed whacking) and completely cleaned out the carport. Now the huge dumpster is completely full! He somehow managed to get a couple of nasty spider bites on one arm. Some streaks around the bite look like acid had dripped down the skin. This morning, the bites stopped looking so angry.

Shoots Growing after Only One WeekEnd of the Line near the Cookhouse

Tammy won more victories in the battle against the bamboo. She finally made it to the end of the line of the bamboo growing on the east side of the root cellar and cookhouse. She did not have to dig under the cookhouse, but one rhizome came uncomfortably close to doing so! She is making a map to show the treacherous trenches dug up by those insidious rhizomes. When Tammy finally vanquishes the bamboo, she plans to post it here. City planners ought to force all people considering buying this form of bamboo to view such a map, much like teachers had drivers-ed students to watch documentaries on grisly car wrecks.


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