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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Porch Lights!

Steve Basking in the GlowNew Porch Lights in the Moonlight
Last Sunday, the electrician worked for a good five hours and installed three new porch lights and a doorbell. He finished most of the electrical work on the inside of the house too. The lights are perfect for the house because they give the porch a sense of depth, but with a soft glow. What a warm welcome we will receive when we return home at night with the porch lit.

Steve did the yard this weekend and started the cookhouse. His spider bites looked nasty for a while, but cleaning them with hydrogen peroxide and Neosporin helped. They are slowly healing, but are definitely not brown recluse bites. Steve's wounds did not show the characteristic red target mark that eventually turns blue nor did they have any craters. Tammy did nothing all weekend! Her throat started getting sore on Saturday and she had a fever with muscle aches on Sunday.

Tammy and David did work at the house on Thursday for an hour cleaning up rubble in the office and sweeping downstairs. David played "hooky" from P.E. on Wednesday, a bright sunny day, and visited Oma and Opa and cousins for an hour instead of riding his bike. Unfortunately, the rain fell all day on Thursday so David accomplished three classes at once: P. E. (clearing out the rubble), Vocational Education (learning the meaning of manual labor), and Health (wearing masks and gloves and opening a window because of the dust stirred by the pieces of plaster). David has not played hooky from P.E. since then!


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