This Old House, Glaser Edition

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Last August, we had one of our chimneys stuccoed, but the brickman stated the other two chimneys were too unstable to stucco. He was right! We hired another brickman who has his own scaffolding and was willing to replace the two old chimneys. Yesterday and today, he and his crew tore down one and rebuilt it. Next weekend, he plans to finish the job, weather permitting.

In the before shot, you can see sky through it! We think the gaps may have saved it because these chimneys withstood Hurricane Hugo back in 1989, while others in the neighborhood did not. The brickman had no problems tearing down the chimney for the mortar had lost its adhesion. Usually, he must chisel out the mortar to remove brick, but not this time. He just popped off each brick and tossed it down to the ground.

Chimney (Before)Chimney (After)

While in the neighbor’s yard taking pictures of the chimney, Tammy snapped a shot of the west side of the cookhouse. Observant readers of our blog may aks why only one side of the cookhouse is painted. Years ago, the family next door held a wedding in their backyard and begged the man renting the house to paint that side of the cookhouse white. He painted the west side of it, and they helped him spruce up the yard.

Unpainted Side of the Cook HouseOnly Painted Side of the Cook House


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