This Old House, Glaser Edition

Friday, October 06, 2006

Blog Subscription

A fellow blogger (thanks, Mary) pointed out that we could more easily alert interested parties (limited to very close family and friends with a high tolerance level for home improvement minutia) by setting up a subscription service. Now we no longer have to alert everyone, especially those who secretly have no interest in the progress of our house, whenever we make a new post. To join this wonderful service, look at the sidebar on the right in the section called "About Me". Just under the blue words "View my complete profile" are the words "Enter your Email". To subscribe, type your email address in the blank above the button that says, "Subscribe me!" Follow the three steps in the new window that pops open and you will be able to receive every tedious detail about our adventures in home improvement in your very own email box! If you are not computer geeks like us and are having trouble subscribing click "View my complete profile" and click "Email" in the contact section. If that completely loses you, click this and order now! If all else fails, cross your fingers and click this.


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