This Old House, Glaser Edition

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Super Smash Brothers

Our daughter Pamela loves Mario and Luigi on Gameboy, so today's title will surely brighten her face. The walls of Steve's office, the only room with plaster remaining, were badly cracked walls with the potential of even more cracks. Our super smash brothers, Tammy's brother and coworker, rescued the room and managed to gut the entire office in one day. Dust flew everywhere, and they hauled piles and piles of rubble to the dumpster. Both were so sore from the hard labor, a tornado could have ripped through town and they would have been none the wiser. Here are some before and gutted pictures.

Before Fireplace WallGutted Fireplace Wall

Before Very Bad CrackAbsolutely No Cracks!

Before Bay WindowAfter Bay Window

The most exciting news is that the floor cop and his wife started the floors upstairs. Floor cop is not a catchy name; he is a cop who moonlights by restoring wooden floors. His parents did this for a living, and he learned the business from them in his youth. Rumor around town was that they were the best when it came to wooden floors, but their prices are so reasonable to make it seem dubious. After one day's work on the floor, we are believers! The beautiful in bare wood lurking underneath paint, dust, dirt, and cruide turned out to be a delicate light brown. David's room, the homeschool room, and the hallway will be darker because those floors were chocolate brown. We cannot wait for the two weeks to be over, so we can see how they will appear after more sanding and several coats of color and finish.


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