This Old House, Glaser Edition

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Color Scheme

With the exception of the sanctuary, Tammy developed the color scheme for the other rooms with insight and approval from Steve. To give continuity between the rooms downstairs, she wove a constant thread between the rooms by choosing the same American Tradition colors: Sawyer White on the ceilings, Paramount White on the fireplaces, and Coconut Milk on most of the trim, molding, and wainscot. All she needed to do was to pick colors for the walls of each room.
Pamela was adamant about having a blue room, so Tammy handed her a pile of chips from Lowes, and Pamela settled on Wisteria Snow, which we carried from her bedroom into her bathroom. Steve and Tammy both agreed upon peach for the living room and tried to find a peach that would transition well from the living room to the office and Pamela's bedroom. Resort Peach was the perfect choice!

We fell in love with the rich reds and greens at our neighbor's house and opted for a dramatic look in the dining room by using Heirloom Red. We did not go with green because several rooms already were awash in that color. We were nervous about choosing such a dark red, but this will be for formal dinners and special occasions. We risked it because, even if we loathed it, we wouldn't spend much time in that room anyway!
The tiffany lamp is what ties in all the odd colors into one beautiful bouquet: Pamela's blue, Steve's olive, the dining room's red, and the green trim of the hallway.
At some point in the future, a few years from now after we have taken care of all the important details, we want to redo the kitchen. Its rustic look seems out of touch from the rest of the house. The Kitchen Maid cabinets are intentionally distressed. With all the movement flowing in and out of the kitchen during the renovation, they have become even more distressed. Even with careful application of elbow grease, the cabinets have too many pock marks for Tammy's taste. The counter tops are made of wood like the floor! We prefer earth tones over the bright blues and yellows in the back splash as we prefer earth tones. Tammy chose a warm, but neutral color for the walls of the kitchen (Muslin Wrap).
Tammy's brother and partner spend most of the day finishing up Pamela's bathroom and started the shoe molding for the entire house. Tammy spent the day mainly cleaning up the kitchen cabinets, but she did assist her father, the Paduan carpenter, in the final touches of the mirror in the master bedroom, which turned out fabulous! Once again, we struggled with the lack of squareness: our choice was to make it level with gravity or level with the fireplace. We opted for the latter.

After work, Steve shopped for a television stand at Circuit City, and David helped him put it together. We were all too exhausted to go into storage to find the plasma television he bought back in December at the mall. So we piled into bed while visions of HDTV danced in our heads.


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