This Old House, Glaser Edition

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Two Minutes of Bliss

Tammy’s brother resealed the drainpipe to the shower, and we waited twenty-four hours for it to set. The next day we ran the shower and, for two minutes, we Snoopy danced and cheered. Then, an ominous drip dashed all of our hopes! After careful investigation, Steve and her brother determined it might also be a slow leak in the shower valve. Steve headed to our home away from home, Lowes, for a new valve and shower handle (among other things).

Yesterday, Tammy’s brother was relieved to find he did not have to cut into the tile to reach the valve! Yes, the huge hole in the sheetrock is about as ugly as the one in our dining room ceiling, but cutting into the tile would have been even uglier. He reinstalled a new valve and shower handle and tested the system. This time, my dining room floor stayed dry! We plan to continue our test for a week or two, having everyone use the shower in the master bathroom exclusively. Why repair the dining room ceiling unless we are absolutely positive we eliminated all leaks?

Tammy’s brother is the most relieved. The leaks were not the result of faulty workmanship. The only piece of plumbing left untouched by his hands was the one that sprung multiple leaks. The toilet and sink are fine from our inspection of the hole in the dining room ceiling.


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