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Friday, February 02, 2007

The Pain of Popcorn

Our ceilings were originally full of flaws, including holes cut into the sheetrock and underlying wooden planks to replace the knob and tube wiring. We left only a couple with the original planks: David’s bedroom, the homeschool room, the master bathroom, and the Tiffany hallway. We covered every other ceiling with popcorn texture to mask the flaws.

When Tammy originally picked ceiling colors, her brother triple checked the colors. He warned, “Once the popcorn goes on the ceilings, it is there to stay. I mix the popcorn and paint together to help it stick, and it is a pain to redo.” Now, we understand why he was so adamant about colors!

After a disappointing leak sprung in the master bathroom shower about a month ago, Tammy's brother had to cut a hole in the ceiling. He made a few repairs to the one piece of plumbing we never touched and waited for about two weeks to make sure nothing leaked. He removed everything smelly and rotten, sprayed the area with mildew killer, and let it dry thoroughly.

He only needed to replace one piece of sheetrock, but had to respray the entire ceiling. That meant he and his partner had to pick off all the little pieces of popcorn clinging to it. This job was tedious, but very necessary and worth the effort.

Here is a shot of the repaired ceiling and they did a masterful job. The casual observer would not be able to spot where they replaced the sheetrock.They still need to finish the hole in the masterbathroom wall now that Tammy has finally bought the right color of paint.


  • Hi, this is Leigh Ann. I can to visit from your other blog and had to laugh. We are in the midst of tearing our bathrooms apart in our house. Yes, we are gluttons for punishment. Though we are calling in some people who have the know-how. You sound like you have the know-how or are at least related to the know-how.
    I don't want to even talk about popcorn ceiling. Popcorn is to be eaten, not glued to my ceiling. Yet, there it is.

    By Blogger Leigh Ann, at 9:59 AM  

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