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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Limy Doorbell

Last August, Steve ordered an antique doorbell from the United Kingdom. We thought a Victorian Era mechanical bell like the ones you see in movies to ring the servants. It seemed to take forever for the "company"--some chap named Adrian--to make the blooming doorbell and ship it across the Atlantic, but the results were simply delightful! We ordered the bell with an electric "shaker" hidding in a solid pine wood box, which you see in the video clip below.

To heighten the eccentricity of our choice, we complimented the ringer with a bell pull. Everyone has been able to figure out this old-fashioned way of announcing their arrival.

Last April, our electrician had time to hook it up and he laughed when he saw our antique gadget. He found it very easy to install. Steve enjoyed analyzing the mechanics of the thing. Tammy was worried the sound would not project back to the kitchen or up the stairs. However, she hears it clear as a bell, even while she listens to the radio and cooks dinner with the stove vent turned on high.

We are not the only friends across the Atlantic to install this limy doorbell: just check out what other buyers have written about this unique addition to our home.


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